•  Study Session 1:

Introduction to Intersectional Studies using Sojourner Truth’s “Ain’t I a Woman” (Facilitator: Amina Rai)

•  Study Session 2:

Third World Women using Chandra Mohanty’s “Under Western Eyes” (Facilitator: Amina Rai)

•  Study Session 3:

Masculinities using RW Connell’s “Masculinities” (Facilitator: Amina Rai)

•  Summer Social

Hosted by Mayra Navarrete

•  June 2015 – World Refugee Day event at UN City

Members of the group attended an evening where we listened to the life stories of individuals who have been forced to flee their homes because of violence and persecution.

•  Study Session 4:

Guest Lecture by Nadine Chambers (Jamaican-Canadian) using Audre Lorde’s “Age, Race, Class and Sex: Women Defining Difference”

•  Study Session 5:

Advertisement and Semiotic Analysis of the Commodification of Women using Roland Barthe’s “The Rhetoric of the Image” (Facilitator: Amina Rai)

May 2016 – KVIpraxis1NFO Women’s Praxis Presents:Dialogue on Gender Equity, Health and Advocacy

Panel Speakers: Tabassum Firoz, Asst Professor at the Department of Medicine; Lovisa Fhager Havdelin, Managing Director of The Order of the Teaspoon; Debora Diniz is co-founder of Anis – Institute of Bioethics

•  Study Session 6:

Latin American Feminism Study Session (Facilitator: Luiza Scalco)

•  Study Session 7:

Islamic Feminism and Introduction to Orientalism Part 1 (Facilitator: Amina Rai)praxis2

•  Study Session 8:

Aspects of African Feminism (Facilitator: Signe Arnfred)

•  Study Session 9:

Islamic Feminism and Introduction to Orientalism Part 2 (Facilitator: Amina Rai)