The inception of the KVINFO Women’s Praxis Collective came from the need for an English-speaking gender studies group in Copenhagen, Denmark.

 First arranged by Beatriz Hernandez de Fuhr and facilitated by Amina Rai, the gender studies group has since evolved into a grassroots collective that offers a space for women to engage with academic and scholarly texts, theories and viewpoints on gender, race, class, sexuality and other social/political constructs that establish power inequalities. In doing so, collective members not only expand their knowledge on social and gender theory but also exchange and connect with one another to support each other in implementing knowledge learned from the monthly meetings in our every days lives so to disrupt binaries, question inequalities and refute oppressive ideologies.

 KVINFO Women’s Praxis Collective is made up of a diverse group of women in Copenhagen that engage in discourse and understanding on the topics of women and gender. Many of us moved to Copenhagen because of our work, study and partners and seek to maintain our interest and passion in advocating for women’s rights while learning more the diverse narratives of our collective stories.

Together with local Danish women, we seek to create a collective space of learning and understanding. We meet monthly and from time to time organize guest speaker events.

If you are interested in joining this network, please email Amina Rai – amina.rai@gmail.com